The Atomless

Main Cast

Skye (she/her)

No older than 17, this scrappy mechanic is the primary engineer for the Patchwork, using her sticker-covered drone to help her with both work and shenanigans. Played by MoMo Obrien

Azhaam Ehmr (he/him)

Recently out of prison for his role in a rebellion long-since passed, Azhaam the Envoy is searching for a new cause to get behind as he rejoins the universe. Played by Noordin Ali Kadir (he/him)

Dr. Theriac (they/them)

Co-founder of the Aesir solar system's premiere zoological educational facility, Wild Times, Theriac struggles to bring their ideals to fruition in an increasingly profit-driven universe.
Played by Andre Rivera (he/they)

Ayg (she/her)

No sooner did she climb her way from a common smuggler on the lower decks to a slightly less common smuggler on the upper decks, did she find herself with a bounty on her head from the same people she once admired. Played by Dillin Apelyan (she/he/they)

Space God (GM)

The GM of our adventure, creator of the homebrew universe we play in, voice of our Captain Scrap (he/they), and our primary editor and producer is the wildly talented Matt Krail (they/he)

Sheriff Poncho

The First Guest of our Main Campaign, Sheriff Poncho is the most respected fella in Nutrino Downs, notorious wife-guy, and protector of his people. Played by WallE in episodes 21-25. (he/they)

SAGA Miniseries

Winston Kommu

A Saga native with a small-town heart, working as a high-powered lawyer with quite a lot on his plate. He finds solace in the comforts of The Hide and Seek Lounge, when work cuts him a break. Played by Christian (he/him)


A young creature, new to the universe but with aeons of experiences inside them, this angel speaks for so many who have been lost. She travels by Grist's side, for love and protection in equal measure. Played by Bree (she/they)


A newcomer to Saga, bringing the baggage of a destroyed world with her. They protect Nym, and try to work and keep their head down, but she can't help but notice Saga's problems as well. Played by Connie Chang(they/he/she)


A self-made man in the most literal sense, Apex seeks to achieve the highest greatness nature is capable of. His study of others around him and natural curiosity leads him to the center of Saga's trouble. Played by Gabe Hicks.


A 3rd generation Saga native who's love of the world and it's people leads them to create a documentary to share it's story with the growing universe. Their hopefulness and ideals are on their sleeve, and may make him a target for Seta Unmentioned. Played by Matt Krail (they/he)

Art and Crew